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About PMS

Managing investments in equities requires time, knowledge, experience and constant monitoring of stock market. Given the unpredictable nature of the equity market it requires solid experience and strong research to make the right decision in the right direction at the right time. That’s where the expert comes in.

Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company (MOAMC) is part of the Motilal Oswal Group and a 100% subsidiary of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. The Board of Directors of MOAMC comprises of eminent personalities with varied experience including Mr. Raamdeo Agarwal, who is the co-founder of the Group. Mr. Nitin Rakesh, CEO, has rich and varied experience of more than 15 years. His focus has been on investment management and operations and has worked in multiple areas including asset management, transaction processing, offshore fund structuring and venture capital.

The PMS business was under MOSL since inception in 2003 till October 2010, when the PMS business was moved to the AMC with the objective of consolidating all Assets Based and Investment Management Based businesses under one legal entity.

At Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company, we believe in creating superior investment products that revolve around sound investing principles and leverage on the engrained principles of Knowledge First and Innovation. Our endeavour is to constantly evolve and develop investment solutions that embrace our two core philosophies of being Focused & Disciplined.

We are one of the leading PMS Service Providers, with Assets under Management of Rs.13 billion (as on December 2010) with a customer base of 5,450 and a 4 member fund team managing funds across a number of strategies as given below. Our core principles are “value based investing” aimed at providing long term wealth creation for investors.

Our Portfolio Management Service is well suited for high-net worth customers :

  • Who are investing in Indian equities
  • Who desire to create wealth over longer period
  • Who appreciate a higher level of service

After understanding your risk appetite and financial goal, we have created various Investment Strategies. We currently offer following schemes, with different approaches to managing your investments.

  • Value Strategy
  • Bull’s Eye Strategy
  • Focused IV
  • Focused V
  • Invest India strategy